The full range of launch flavours, to help you find your favourite.

The sweet ones are particularly good as part of an on the go breakfast or with coffee, and the savoury ones are ideal as part of a light lunch or as an early evening snack. And because they’re all high in whole food fibre, any of them are great for a sustained energy boost.

  • Balsamic Tomato Veggie Bar (27g) – tangy tomato and tart balsamic – a match made in Mediterranean heaven, with a carrot base and a sprinkling of spinach for good measure.
  • Green Pepper, Lime & Chille Veggie Bar (27g) – green pepper with sour lime and spicy chilli – a classic South American combination with a carrot base.
  • Sea Salt & Black Pepper Vedge Bar (25g) – the classic savoury snack flavour, on a carrot and spinach base.
  • Chinese Broccoli Vedge Bar (25g) – brilliant broccoli and Chinese five spice seasoning on a carrot base.

  • Raspberry, Lime & Coconut Veggie Bar (33g) – sweet and sour fruit with creamy coconut – a real taste-bud teaser on a carrot base.
  • Lemon Drizzle Veggie Bar (30g) – the classic cake flavour on a carrot base.
  • Carrot Cake Vedge Bar (25g) – how couldn’t we? A carrot and raisin base with sweet and fragrant mixed spices.
  • Cacao & Orange Vedge Bar (25g) – the ultimate tried and tested flavour, which works just as well on a carrot and raisin base.

  • 29% less sugar than fruit and nut bars and 48% less than fruit leathers, on average
  • 150% more fibre than fruit and nut bars and 60% more than fruit leathers, on average
  • Veggie Bars – 2 of your 5 a day / 70% veg
  • Vedge Bars – 1 of your 5 a day / 50% veg
  • No added or free sugar
  • No preservatives or artificial ingredients
  • 100% plants
  • High in whole food fibre

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    charlotte.lamb76 (verified owner)

    I think these bars are a great addition to the snack market, especially the savoury ones. I don’t think there is anything else like them…. My particular favourites are the green pepper, lime & chilli, Chinese broccoli and raspberry lime & coconut, oh and cacao and orange, who doesn’t love that combination, but I like them all really. The texture is quite different from anything else I have tried, and not all of these bars are the same, some are a little drier, this can take a bit of getting used to. But, when you think that you are getting 2 of your 5 a day from just one bar… it is so much easier to eat this way! Genius product.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    simon.miller (verified owner)

    Received the trial pack to our office and – with a bunch of foodies – did formal taste testing! A lot of excitement about the concept, and we found favourite bars varied across the group, with some splits along cultural lines (Asian, Northern European and Southern European)!
    The sweeter range – but still not that sweet – all scored well, I particularly like carrot cake. Tomato & balsamic and sea salt & black pepper were the ‘Marmite’ flavours, but Green pepper and Chinese broccoli were stand outs for taste and originality.
    Like nothing else – I suspect we’re going to see these in organic and health food shops really soon.


  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    matthopkinson1980 (verified owner)

    Great new idea. I shared the trial pack with the family, including the kids. Favs in our house were the Chinese Broccoli, Green Pepper and Carrot Cake. The Vedge Bars are a bit sweeter and more traditional texture – kids preferred them. For the Veggie Bars, 2 of 5 a day in a healthy snack with low calorie count is a great option. Look forward to seeing them in shops

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    sharonahutton (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious! Orange & cacao is a firm favourite. Thanks, team 🙂

  5. Rated 4 out of 5

    nickhedley01 (verified owner)

    A unique proposition. I’m not aware of anything else like these on the market. Its a fabulous concept and for me it really works. A great array of flavours as well as a choice between the savoury and sweet. My favourite Veggie bar was the raspberry lime and coconut, and the cacao and orange Vedge bar. The denseness of the bars made them quite rich to eat in one go, my preference therefore was to eat a bar in 2 sittings. The bars offer something to everyone.

  6. Rated 4 out of 5

    mjbourne123 (verified owner)

    I really love the concept of these bars – one (or two) of your five a day in a handy bar, which you can take with you and eat anywhere or simply enjoy at home. You could eat these bars at any time of the day, but l found they are particularly enjoyable as a healthy mid-morning snack with a cuppa. There is an eclectic, diverse range of flavours should appeal to all tastes – some of them are a little quirky and unusual, but don’t let that put you off. What l also like about the bars is that they contain no extra sugar – the sweetness comes from the ingredients and, being T2 diabetic, that makes a big difference to being able to control my blood glucose (none of these bars caused my blood sugar to spike, so that’s a win-win for me)!👍

    So what about taste and texture, l hear you ask? My favourite flavours were all in the savoury pack – l particularly love the green pepper, lime and chilli flavour and l thoroughly enjoyed the Chinese broccoli flavour, both very vibrant and unusual flavours that you wouldn’t normally get in a bar, and if you are expecting them to be dry in texture then you will be pleasantly surprised. The sea salt and black pepper flavour and the balsamic tomato flavour – although tasty and not unpleasant by anyone’s standards – didn’t quite have enough of a strong flavour for my palate, both needed a bit more oomph! But l would happily eat both flavours again and enjoy doing so.

    In the sweet pack, l absolutely loved the carrot cake bar – it has an almost nutty texture and a gorgeous flavour, definitely my favourite and the ‘leader’ of the sweet pack by a merry mile!! I also quite enjoyed the cacao and orange but, again, the flavours weren’t strong enough for my tastes … a little more orange and/or more cacao would make all the difference, but no doubt l would eat them again regardless. Now, I don’t want to be negative but l am going to be honest. FOR ME PERSONALLY, the lemon drizzle and the raspberry, lime and coconut bars are more of a no-no – lemon is not a favourite flavour and l didn’t really like the texture of this bar, which l found to be slightly claggy – and in the case of the raspberry, lime and coconut, the flavours were all vying for prominence and none of them achieved that, so I didn’t enjoy it and, again, the texture was slightly too dense for my liking. Having said that, we are all very different, we don’t all like the same things and you should definitely try these bars (all of them) for yourself, to find your own personal favourite or favourites!

    I am now going to place my order for some carrot cake bars and some green pepper, lime and chilli bars – thank you nüber food for bringing these bars on to the market, l wish you every success! ☺️

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    jessica (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this trial pack. Great variety of flavours to suit whatever you fancy. The lemon drizzle was a huge hit with my two year old. These are definitely worth a try!

  8. Rated 4 out of 5

    brennamcdonaldthomas (verified owner)

    once you get over the texture i think these are quite enjoyable. it’s nice knowing that they have your vegetable intake covered for the most part and are free of the bad stuff in most other products out there! a guilt free treat. definitely enjoyed the sweet flavours more overall. very nice change to see on the market, don’t think anything else like this is out there for now!

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What our customers say

when you think that you are getting 2 of your 5 a day from just one bar… it is so much easier to eat this way! Genius product

Charlotte, London

Its a fabulous concept and for me it really works. A great array of flavours as well as a choice between the savoury and sweet.

Nick, Surrey

For the Veggie Bars, 2 of 5 a day in a healthy snack with low calorie count is a great option.

Matthew, London

Absolutely delicious!

Sharona, Milton Keynes

Green pepper and Chinese broccoli were stand outs for taste and originality

Simon, Bristol