Growing up in a culinary household, I was passionate about food from an early age, and started creating my own recipes, and a huge mess in the kitchen, well before my teens.

After following my taste buds around the globe for 5 years, immersing myself in new ingredients and fusion cuisine, and also running my own restaurant, I returned to the UK 9 years ago, slightly heavier than when I left...
I knew that I needed to lose weight, but hated the idea of dieting, denying myself or skipping meals.

From my travels, I knew that there were lots of natural ingredients out there that are both healthy and tasty. So I set to work combining these to create recipes that were much healthier than those I had been gorging on for the last few years, but just as tasty.

The recipes included blueberry and
cinnamon chicken curry, with goji berry pilau. Widely reported as the “world’s healthiest meal”, it was nevertheless described by Chris Evans of BBC Radio 2 as the “best tasting curry ever”. So I knew it was possible to satisfy your taste buds as well as your well-being.

Further recipes were developed, leading to the publication of “Indian Superfood” in 2010.

This was a really
proud moment for me,
and the response was amazing - not only is the book a best-seller, but it received widespread praise from both the press and public alike.

Following the success of “Indian Superfood”, and the follow-up “Indian Super Spices”, I was asked to take my ideas and experience into new cuisines. So the last year has been spent deconstructing the nation’s favourite recipes, such as toad in the hole and cottage pie, and recreating them in a healthy, low-calorie way.

You can see the results in the soon to be launched “The Superfood Diet”. A fusion of the most popular and successful health and dietary trends of recent times, the Superfood Diet isn’t a fad that deprives you of certain food types, is restricted to one type of cuisine, or needs you to follow it religiously to get the benefits.

Instead, it provides variety and flexibility, is sustainable, and should never leave you wanting more.

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nüber food draws heavily on the recipes in my books, and the combination of great tasting but healthy products means that it should satisfy everyone, whether or not you’re on a health kick.


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