Hi, I’m Gurpareet Bains - chef, nutritionist, author and the creator of nüber food.

Based on over 7 years of hard, pioneering work, and long-held beliefs about healthy eating, nüber food will be a wide range of food products you can trust to be

Delicious, healthy & natural

Whether it’s cereal, soup, snacks or dessert
(and everything in-between).

We think that’s a naturally great combination,
which we like to call nüber.

Read on to find out more about our food,
or click here to learn more about my work.

What does "healthy" mean to us?

Most importantly, it doesn’t just mean relatively low calorie, low fat OR low sugar; it means all three - we’ll never focus on one at the expense of others; and it certainly doesn’t mean swapping sweeteners for sugar just so that we can call a product low calorie.

We also take GI and cholesterol into account.

And you need to feel like you’ve actually eaten something - a salad isn’t healthy if you’re starving half an hour later!

Finally, you’ll never find a "reduced fat" or "light" version of our products - they’re designed from scratch to use the healthiest ingredients possible without sacrificing taste.

What else will we offer?

We’ll be as innovative as possible, using new flavour combinations to ensure that your mealtimes will never be dull - some of our recipes have been in development for over 7 years, so we’re sure you’ll be impressed.

We’ll also give you as much nutritional info as possible, clearly, and highlight any allergens etc, so that you know exactly what you’re putting in your mouth.

Who are our products being designed for?


Because we won’t compromise on anything, there’ll be no reason not to give us a try, whether you’re looking for a new taste sensation, feeling guilty about that large pizza last night, or on a longer-term health kick.


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